Chinese herbal medicine is as old as acupuncture, giving it the benefit of several thousand years’ worth of empirical data. Taking an herbal formula is a way to continue treatment for days after your acupuncture session, or to take a treatment further by making it internal. Imbalances of all types can be treated successfully with herbs: mental/emotional, trauma both recent and old, stomach or gastrointestinal issues, arthritis, and headaches, just to name a few.

Raw herbs that you prepare at home, usually by boiling, are traditional in Chinese medicine. In recent years, granules have become a popular alternative. These are raw herbs that have been boiled down and made into a powder, which you can then dissolve in hot water. This makes the formula much more portable and convenient for many patients. I carry single herbs in granule form at my practice, which enables me to be the most flexible when mixing you a formula.

Chinese herbal formulas contain many fascinating flavors and smells. Please check out my blog where I discuss the five flavors as you may experience them in your own formula!

I am excited to be studying with White Pine Institute’s Sharon Weizenbaum, one of the leaders in Chinese herbal medicine today. I am expanding my herbal understanding beyond what I learned in school through her teaching, and have been very pleased with the clinical results I have been seeing. I am currently seeking patients who are interested in participating with my studies by allowing me to present their cases to Sharon and my fellow students. If you would like to apply to be a case study, please email me at

NB: It is possible to purchase your own pills or raw herbs from various shops in Chinatown or Little Vietnam.  However, herbal medicine works best after analysis by a licensed practitioner.  A headache remedy that worked wonders for your friend might make your headaches worse or even cause digestive issues if it’s not the right formula for you. The ability of Chinese medicine to customize treatments per patient is one thing I love about it, but it means that you should only take herbal remedies under supervision of a professional.