Your first appointment

Your first appointment with me will be an hour and a half (able to be scheduled on my booking site). This extra time is for us to really go in depth about your concerns and how I may be able to help you. You and I may have a lot of questions for each other, and this will allow us time to get all the answers we need to get started with our work. I also like to take a few extra minutes to talk about acupuncture and what to expect from the needles if this appointment is your first experience.

How can you prepare?

Please fill out my first-time patient paperwork beforehand and either scan and email it back to me (preferred) or print it and bring it with you. This allows me the maximum time to think about your concerns before we meet. At our first appointment please wear or bring comfortable shorts and a tank top. Don’t come with a completely empty stomach, but try to have eaten an hour or two beforehand.

What to expect

Once you and I have had a chance to talk, I’ll have a better idea of how I can help you. There are very few cases where one treatment completely solves the problems you are bringing in, so expect to begin a series of perhaps four consecutive treatments. That is usually a good amount of time for us to determine whether acupuncture (and herbs if necessary) is useful in your unique situation. Before our first appointment, during our initial intake, and in the weeks to come I consider you to be my partner in working to restore great function and health to your body. I like my patients to feel able to discuss your progress with me and ask any questions that arise at any point, so please keep communication open!